Extension direct dial?

I’m not sure what to call it. Let alone how to do it; but basically we have to set up a phone in the hallway. We want that phone to only be able to call the front desk. Preferable not even have to dial. you pick up Phone a, and phone b automatically rings… Any help pointing me in the right direction?

It’s called a “hotline” is some of the modules.

I know how to do it with CHAN_SCCP_B and DAHDI, but I don’t know exactly what you need to do to set it up with a SIP phone. It’s not intuitively obvious from the SIP extension settings.

There’s probably a really simple setting that you can turn on to auto-dial a specific number. If there isn’t, you could easily do with a custom context and set that context of the extension to autodial that.

Build a “custom-context” for that extension and use that context for that phone, use a ringgroup or whatever as yourdestination

include => from-internal
exten = s,1,Dial(SIP/yourdestination)
exten = s,n,Hangup()

Thank you guys very much, I am very new at this; and very interested. So my next question would be if anyone can point me where to start making a custom context?

This should get you started,


google will also be helpful.

Also check the manual for your phone. Some SIP phones have the ability to auto-dial a number as a built-in capability.

I realize this is an old thread, but wondering if anyone ever got this too work? I want to have some sip phones where as soon as the receiver is lifted they call our support queue, is this possible via a custom context on the pbx or does this have to be implemented on the phone?

It has to be in the phone. The PBX has no idea when a receiver is lifted.

Many phone models has a setting for this

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Thanks Sorvani

There are technologies where this works.

  • With SIP, the phone has to get the server’s attention.
  • With SCCP (and Chan-SCCP-B) there is an “emergency” phone function that allows for this.
  • With DAHDI, you can have the context set up so that, as soon as the phones goes “off-hook”, a call is generated.

Thanks cynjut, I was hoping to do it with a pjsip extension, as I dont want these lines to be able to call anywhere apart from a specific queue. I will look at the phone hotline route.
Many thanks

There are SIP ‘courtesy phones’ available. They are preloaded to dial a number and don’t usually even have dial pads. If that would work for you, I’d start with “Viking courtesy phone” in Google and see what pops up.

BTW - SIP is the larger technology. PJ-SIP, Chan-SIP, and the rest of the SIP Interface drivers are all just SIP.

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