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I have been testing Wave Lite for the last couple of days because the softphone I was using kept hanging up after 60 seconds or so. Wave Lite is working perfectly, but when dialling from the native contact list I presented with a 404 error. I have tracked down the error in the Asterisk logs:

[2020-11-17 15:52:58] NOTICE[29024] res_pjsip_session.c: Call from ‘XXX’ (UDP:X.X.X.X:49383) to extension ‘+XXXXXXXXXXX’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘from-internal’.

What should “from-internal” be set to or is there another way to call from the native contact list via a softphone on my iPhone?


Add entries to your Outbound Routes to accept numbers beginning with +.


Hadn’t thought of that approach. I currently have this set as my outbound route: 0[1234567]XXXXXXXX which allows me to call all regular landlines and mobile numbers. What would I have to change to be able to dial the following numbers:

  • +31[1234567]XXXXXXXX (dialled from my contacts)
  • 0[1234567]XXXXXXXX (dialled manually)

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