Extension - Call Confirm - change options?

When using the call confirm feature, there are three options; 1 - answer call, 2 - decline call, 3 - get caller ID information. Obviously I can change the outbound message that accompanies this option in system recordings - but can I change something so that only (1) is an acceptable option?

I would try the message and see if it improves whatever issue you are experiencing. You can do what you are asking, but it will require custom dial plan.

The problem I have is that the call confirm is being used on a number used as part of an access control system. Everything works fine - the call is answered by a ring group external member, the message plays asking them to press ‘1’, they talk to the user at the front gate and then have to press ‘3’ to open the gate.

The issue arises that the external ring group members are so fixated on pressing ‘3’ to open the gate (especially when the visitor is expected) that the sometimes press ‘3’ in response to the call confirm and get the envelope information instead…

Well, if you cannot educate the users (follow the prompts on the recording…), it sounds like you need to make your own dialplan. One way to do it is to find the context in question and then place a modified version of it in /etc/asterisk/extensions_override.conf that will override the existing dialplan with what you place in the override file. This overrides this context 100%, and if things change in the original dialplan, it will not work on your box as long as the override is in place.

Another option could be to make something entirely custom and put it in the /etc/asterisk/extension_custom.conf and then use that context alternatively.

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