Extension busy to queue not working


I’ve created a queue that I want inbound calls to enter when our main reception number is busy and and does not pick up the call after ring timeout. In the reception extension, I’ve set the “Busy” optional destination to Queues, and then the queue i created. When I call this extension while it’s on another call, if I actively reject the incoming call, it falls into the queue correctly. If I just allow it to ring out, the caller simply gets dropped, so it doesn’t seem to be registering that the phone is in use and reverts to the “No Answer” optional destination, which is set to “Unavail, Voicemail if enabled”.

According to the “No Answer” optional destination description, if the phone is in use and the call is simply ignored, it should use the “Busy” destination.

This may be related to call waiting, as if I disable call waiting, I do go through to the queue, although this is also a little odd, as it plays the “Join Announcement” 3 times in row and then falls into the queue.

In advanced settings, “Occupied Lines CW Busy” is set to Yes, so it should be seeing the reception as busy.

Can anyone shed some light on why this is behaving the way it is?


Try this instead:

Send the inbound call to the queue with the receptionist as the only static agent. This solves almost all of the problems you are describing and makes your system work the way most other people’s do.