Extension automatically goes to unreachable

I have multiple extensions working in production but I am facing issue on an extension, it is automatically goes to unreachable after some time.

please if anyone has some solution to this issue.

is the phone remote or on the local area network with the pbx

its on the local LAN.
I have setup cisco 7940 ip phone with sip load on my freepbx. I have almost 350 IP phones setup but sometimes I face this issue and it usually get resolved by deleting the mac binding with the extension or assigning new IP Phone but this time the problematic extension is not getting up.

when we unplug and plug it again it will become reachable but after sometime goes unreachable again even I changed the IP Phone set again.

here you can see that it become unreachable only after 5 min of plugging in.
I can call from this extension but call to this extension goes on voicemail.

173/173 172.x.x.x D A 5090 UNREACHABLE

and now after sometime this is the current status of this extension

173/173 (Unspecified) D A 0 UNKNOWN

I am really unable to figure this out. Any suggestions !

this really feels like a network issue. are the phones vlan’ed?

hi bksales,

issue is sorted out.

The issue is with the IP PHONE on the segment it causes the Network switch to malfunctioned and all the phones on the line goes down.