Extension always busy

Hi there,
I’ve been all morning trying to figure out this problem. When I call an extension (50) it’s always busy, I’ve tried everything I found online.
-rebooting phone
-rebooting asterisk
-checking if dnd is activated (it is not)
-register to the sip with a diferent device (still happens to the extension)
-deleting and creating again the extension.
-searching in the database for the extension number to see if there is something diferent to others, there is not…
I’m running out of ideas here… could you give me a hand? Here is what i see if I call from extension 54 to 50.

Thank you very much

Extension is set to DND, you can toggle off with the feature code. Extra points for including a call trace before being asked, but it would have been much easier to read if it were not a screen cap. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much Igaetz, I can’t belive it was so easy. The thing is my users doesn’t even know the featured codes of dnd… :S

Next time i’ll do a copy all to clipboard then, I thought the colors helped :stuck_out_tongue:

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