Ext not ringing for queue calls after call parked

Apologies in advance if I’m not making much sense, quite sick today.

Here’s what happens - a call comes in via a queue. I answer the call. It’s for someone else, so I park the call. Now, for as long as that call is still in our system, either parked or talking to the person they called for, my ext won’t ring for any calls in the queue that the caller originally entered. Once that call ends, I start getting calls from the queue again.

Doesn’t have to be my ext, just used mine for example. Happens with all exts.

“Skip Busy Agents” in the queue config is set to “No”.



Seems to me we’ve heard about this before, but I don’t remember if there was a resolution. IIRC, it was an Asterisk issue, but I might be remembering a different similar issue.

If you have read and understood the tool tip for Skip Busy Agents (the part about the ringinuse parameter) and that is set properly, you are probably seeing the Asterisk bug related to non-zero wrapup time.

work around is to use wrapup time of 0

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Just changed it, will let you know. Thanks.

Initial test looks like that was the problem. Thanks a ton for the quick response.

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