Express Talk (VoIP Software) connecting to FreePBX server Port issues

Ok so heres my problem. I am trying to get a voip software application to allow me to connect and make outgoing calls through my freepbx server. I have voicepulse and i have three polycom sip soundpoint phones all with seperate extensions (1001, 1002, 1003).

They work flawlessly, and my issues arise when trying to use VoIP software. If anyone has any recommendatinos for better software i am open. My end goal is to have it working on my windows mobile based PDA however if i can’t get it working on the computer no chance it will work on the pda.

My problem appears to be somewhere with my firewall however I am not sure since my other phones are able to connect out without any special configuration. I created a new extension and i can get it to register with my PBX server to recognize the phone. However when it comes to making calls it doesn’t connect.

Here are the settings that are available/what i have entered in the express talk application.

Listening port to listen on:
Local SIP port to listen on: 5060
Local RTP Port to listen on starting from… 10000

Allow Incomming Calls and Audio through Private Network
(checkbox) use uPNP to find external IP address
(checkbox) use STUN servers to find external IP address and Port
(Checkbox) use static IP address and static Mapped Ports (advanced Option)
Public Ip address:
External SIP port:
External RTP Ports starting from…

I have tried using uPNP to find external address and it doesnt work.The logs in the program say Unable to use UPNP for NAT routing (UPNP FAILED)

I ahve tried using teh STUN servers to find IP and Port of which also didnt work.

i tried manually setting my public IP address of the computer as well as 5060 for port and 10000 for RTP Ports. When i do this it says error timed out server is not responding.

what i don’t understand is that i have a polycom sip phone setup that is connecting to teh server using port 5060 and can make calls just fine. So i thought maybe it is a NAT issue wtih my firewall, but the phones are communicating just fine.

If anyone has any input or thoughts, i am stumped and have been trying thsi for a couple days now and run out of ideas. Maybe this program sucks and i should /quitlife

Update – I can receive incomming calls fine… when trying to make an outgoing call it fails.

Log on the app:

Initiated SIP call to :1002
Error. Other side said: Declined
Call has disconnected

For some reason it isnt connecting to make outgoing calls. Incomming calls work fine