Expose SQL to 3rd party Call Accounting Software

I’d like to expose the FreePBX SQL CDR records to another computer on our internal network that’s running a 3rd party Call Accounting Software. I’ve done this before with phpmyadmin and webmin but being a production sever I don’t want to load it up with extra software. I’m not very familiar with SQL commands and was wondering if someone had command examples that I could run from the shell to

  1. create a new SQL user
  2. give the proper permissions to the CDR database
  3. lock it down to the one host.

This is on a FreePBX 13 Distro.

Use mysql workbench,

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On the server, you could use the mysqladmin program. This will allow you to add the user, set the permissions, etc. This is harder than using a GUI on your PC, but may be the way you need to get the process started (since all of the users on the server are locked down to “localhost”).

Subtopics you might need to know about are “grant” (which is how permissions are set) and “identified by” for setting the password.

So, the process is log into the console, and start with adding an admin user that can access the database from your local network. Once you’ve got that set up, there are any number of programs you can use to add additional users with specific permissions and access to specific hosts and databases. After that, you should delete the admin user that has “blanket” permissions so that no one can get back into the database from outside.

Thanks. I was able to use mysql workbench to create the new user and set the necessary permissions. A tweak to the FreePBX firewall exposing it to my internal network and everything appears to be running.

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