Export & Import IVRs, Queues, Ring Groups, to new PBX system

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ok let me try that out

(FAK) #22

set this as a file location

File at location path updated

[root@**** backup]# ls
20200723-160606-1595534766-1637575914.tgz uploads


still not find the file in restore module


When you run a backup , the screen says WTF is happening , your WTF is **** so WTF :wink: (you will need to wait a while for it to be apparent. (A tip for the impatient, drink coffee, press F5 every cup))

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wait where?
there is no wait window for restore


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LOLz… :smiley:

Finally it appears after long wait.

but why it’s showing in the cloud section instead of local because i created local storage


define “long”, because that’s how it works?

(FAK) #28

actually what I observe is when I take backup from backup module it appears in the file store location in restore module but the file with .tar.gz which I uploaded or placed there is not showing up.

(FAK) #29

now I try taking only CDRs backup from the 2.11 and upload in Restore module of Freepbx 15 and I have advanced to the next step.

File size is 664KB

but when I go with the 5 GB full backup it’s not proceeding further.

Q. Can I do the backup in chunks like CDRs separately, Files separately, etc.

(FAK) #30

I get this while uploading the backup of the following files: