Experience With Alcatel OXE

We’re trying to see about slowing weening ourselves off of Alcatel’s system and moving to FreePBX. Does anyone have experience with setting up a trunk between Alcatel and FreePBX?

Basically if we move one school at a time over to FreePBX, we want it so if someone in a school that’s still on Alcatel wants to call an extension that’s switched over to FreePBX, it will route from Alcatel → FreePBX. The other way we also want if someone in FreePBX wants to call someone in Alcatel, that will work that way too.

The way our extensions are is a bit odd to me, but it’s what we have. Currently each classroom has an internal extension (2XXX-4999) and an external extension (5000-8000). We own the external numbers so parents can call in. The 2XXX-4999 are only for internal use. Part of the problem too is our extensions don’t necessarily have a pattern to them. If they did, I’m sure it would be easier. But School A could have an extension 2133 and also 3772, for example. If we could start over and give each school a range of extensions, that would be nice, but they want to make it easier by keeping the same extensions.

I’ve been poking around the Alcatel OmniVista 8770 system and haven’t found much information that I need to set the trunk up on the FreePBX end. I’m sure I could reach out to Alcatel for some information, but we’re wanting to hold off on telling them we’re thinking of switching.

Is there anything I’m missing, or is there anyone who has attempted this?

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