Expanding VM HDD - How does this affect the Zend Count

Good Day,

We recently installed and licensed our FreePBX instance with several Commercial Modules. We soon realized that we created the virtual HDD a bit smaller than initially planned. We would like to resize the HDD to accommodate VoiceMail and CallRecordings. Would this require Zend re-activation even though we are not moving, copying or changing the actual Virtual Machine? We plan on expanding the VM and using GParted to adjust the partitions to the new size. This is a KVM based Virtual Machine. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Not a FreePBX problem Firts expand the machine from the provider, then either boot into a recovery system that can resize and do so, or fdisk add the new space and mount it where you want.l

Hi Dicko

Thank you for the reply and the assistance. I understand that it is not a FreePBX problem. Just to clarify, I am trying to find out if such a change would count against our Zend activations. I would prefer that it doesn’t. This is also not a hosted solution, it is a Virtual Machine within our infrastructure. We do know how to expand the HDD space, what we are not sure about is how this affects our Zend count if at all. This is the part we are having trouble understanding. Any idea if this would have an effect?

iSorry , I don’t have any experiance here.

It may count as a reset. If you have any resets remaining, you can fix it yourself. If not, you can open a support ticket and get someone in support to reset it for you.