Expanded storage on PBXact/FreePBX appliances

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I want to expand the storage of a PBXact 60 appliance; Sangoma recommendation is to use USB as the interface.

Has anyone here done so on a PBXact or FreePBX appliance and can comment on the performance of that solution?

(Jared Busch) #2

My question is, what is the purpose of the storage?

That will inform the answer.

Personally, I would open the box and see if there is a spare SATA to use, and then drop in a 2.5" SSD.

If you go USB did support tell you what port is USB3?

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The storage is for call recordings; the client wants at least 500GB local.

Opening the case voids the warranty, a valuable incentive on the appliance units.

I am not sure whether a trigger switch activates to record that the unit was opened when one peeks inside… (hypothetically speaking of course)

dmesg output only shows me a USB 2.0 hub. I could be missing something.

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Meh, warranty on hardware appliances are overrated and just slows down getting back online when there are issues.

I suppose they want in GUI listening of the recordings?

Then just stick a USB drive on there and mount it as /var/spool/asterisk/umrecordingfolder

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I came up with an alternative that should work well and doesn’t violate the warranty plus looks more professional than having USB dongles sticking out.

The PBXact 60 has two PCI-e expansion slots meant for telephony cards (to be installed by the end user). The customer doesn’t need those so I found a PCI-e adapter and SSD that screws right onto the card itself. It’s a tidy upgrade and my rough testing shows it to be around USB 3.0 speed. The OS picks it up as a second SATA drive. Components in case anyone else is interested in doing this:

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