EXP100 not provisioning

I’m setting up a new EXP100. I cannot get it to provision.

Initially I had problems with it not seeing the phone, but I corrected that by setting the PC Port to Extension Mode. So the EXP100 now shows no errors.

But nothing I put in the buttons in the End Point Manager Show up in the EXP100. I’ve followed the instructions on the wiki.

Is there any way to troubleshoot this? Does the EXP100 need it’s own IP address or any other Network Requirements?


I figured out the problem.

You have to Edit the Phone Extension and tell it there is an Expansion Module attached.

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This would be cool if it was in the documentation. :grinning:

@lacy Check the ticketing system and see if the task is in there. If not, add it as a Feature Request.

It is:

Are you seeing another wiki page that lacks this info?