EXP-100 Dynamic BLF Labels

Is there a system variable that can be put into the label field on a BLF to update the user name for that extension?

I have customers that seem to have a lot of employee turnover. When the extension name change is done by the office admin they currently have to go into EPM and change it as well.

I was just hoping to simplify the process.


You have to do something to rebuild the config on the phones, so I’m not sure there’s anything in place to make it simpler.

You might submit a Feature Request for EPM that adds something in the “Extension” configuration to rebuild and upload configurations for phones that refer to the modified extension. There is an EPM section in the Extension configuration already, so it might not be too hard to do. From a practical perspective, making this an optional operation might be a good idea too, although I know it’s come up before.

Assuming Commercial EPM:

A feature request is a good idea. I’m sure it has been an issue before.

I have looked through those variables but did not see a way to pull the name. I know the older releases before the commercial EPM had a way to do this. I would need a variable like extnameXXX or something to be able to specify the extension.

Ya we do not have a variable for things like BLF to another extension as a BLF doesn’t always have to be a actual extension.

i suggest opening a feature request at issues.freepbx.org under phone project to have us create a variable something like BLFEXTNAME which when used would lookup the name of the BLF extension for you if none is found it would just set NONE or something like that.

This would only work when you rebuild phone configs so its not like changing the name in Extension page would automatically update the phone.

Thanks Tony. At least then i could just instruct them to rebuild the extension and update the phone. Trying to guide them through editing the models and such seems to confuse some users. I will put in the request.

I found this in issues. But, I was wondering if there was anything I could do as it seems like it might be in limbo.

Another ticket I found said this was in the works since 2015.

@sstaley I was wondering if you submitted a feature request to Sangoma.

As far as I understand it, there is no way to get people to vote or even see it. Is that correct?
Is there anything I can do to help push it along or get others to vote on it?