Exim warning in dashboard


Is this a problem? Emails seem to work fine!

Exim is not the recommended or used SMTP server by FreePBX. It uses Postfix and thus expects everything to be with Postfix for those things.

This is a manual install, isn’t it?

Hmmm, not sure, it’s the RasPBX install. Thanks for your reply.

Then you should go on their forums and ask what this error is. It is their version of FreePBX which means they’ve made changes we can’t speak to.

Ah, sorry! Didn’t realise the two projects were so separate.

Sangoma supports and releases one Distro, theirs. Anyone else releasing FreePBX as a project distro like RasPBX that means someone took FreePBX and made the modifications to suite their build and release it.

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