Execute command while terminating call with busy

Hello All,
I am working on this idea for my small office.
A dedicated FreePBX install that, using Allowlist module to authenticate users, will screen incoming calls and open a gate.
In order to avoid charges, the PBX should return busy to incoming calls.
For this purpose I set up an incoming route that has Destination: Terminate call/Busy, while the Allowlist module has the same setting for non allowed callers.
So far, everything works, but there is no record of the call in the CDR, nor in my provider account.
It would be nice to have a trace of the calls. Any ideas?
To open the gate, the user Asterisk has to execute a binary with a command such as:
MyRelay -r set_state B
How can I do that?
Thanks for your comments,

One possibility: Use Dynamic Routes to Execute a shell script

Thanks, it doesn’t look like a pic-nic to me, but I’ll try to do my homework…

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