Exclude module from upgrade

(Vadrn) #1

Is it possible to exclude module from update through “fwconsole ma upgradeall” command?

I have one module loaded from git, and “ma upgradeall” tries to “upgrade” it to older version.
Upgrading 30+ modules by typing it by hand or copy/pasting is possible but not very convenient.

And FreePBX UI module update just hangs on “downloading module” step at some point.

(TheJames) #2

If you are manually building the module bump the version in module.xml… make it lake 15.99.9 or something similar

(Vadrn) #3

I had version and manually updated it to No matter what “ma upgradeall” tries to update it to version

It’s sccp_manager module from https://github.com/chan-sccp/sccp_manager

(TheJames) #4

I would it will keep it the same

Change the module.xml, run install then check online and you will see you are newer than the online version