Exclamation point on P320 phone 's screen

Hi ,
After my p320 sangoma phone has been provisionned , i am seeing an exclamation point on the screens , clearly the account is not active .Actually 2 phones are configured but both ip phones unable to dial each other . Can you guys know that issue ?

Thanks !

Did you use the Endpointmanager in freePBX for provisioning?

Yes ,I use Endpoint Manager to provision those phones , but not via https …
Also , i ve created a template , set the time zone but each phone get a different time time . That’s weird .

When you hit the reconfigure button for each phone in EPM, do they reload?

Did you enable DPMA in EPM?

Yes , it is enable .

Dont check this yet , but earlier i try a delete and hit the button save, build and update phone in EPM it s affected the phone .

Thanks !

When you deleted the phone, you have to do a network scan in EPM again…

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It s all Ok .

Thanks !

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