Exception - died in splice macro-dialout-trunk s

This is my first post and I’m seeking help.

I have a PRI trunk set and I can receive external calls. The issue is encountered when setting up Outbound Routes - If I add my set PRI trunk into “Outbound Routes”, “Trunk Sequence for Matched Routers” → Submit → Apply Config. I get the error message “Unknown Error. Please Run: fwconsole reload --verbose”.


However, I get “died in splice macro-dialout-trunk s” once I run that command. May I have your advises on how I can resolve this issue?


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I want to say this was fixed in the latest (maybe edge) allowlist. Essentially it is referencing a route that doesn’t exist. I would make sure that module is up to date.

Hey James,

Thanks for the reply. Is the module you’re referring to “Extension Routes” module??


It’s the AllowList module. Update from edge using

fwconsole ma upgrade allowlist --edge

and see if that resolves the issue. There is a fix committed, but I don’t know if it’s been published yet.

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Hey Lorne, James,

I have confirmed that I have the latest AllowList (16.0.2) and using the command above produced the following:

Is there a workaround that can be done to bypass this issue? Can I downgrade this or disable it?
Thanks again for your help.


Okay, I will track that down. In the near term you can work around it by disabling allowlist or adding outbound route/trunk:

fwconsole ma disable allowlist

edit - I see what happened. I made the commit to fix this issue here, but later figured out that the test was insufficient. I need to revisit how this is done and never got back to it. I will prioritize that.


Thanks Lorne!

Hey Igaetz,

Just want to update you - I had a DAHDi PRI set but I mistakenly created a DUNDi Trunk and used it in my created Outbound Route. That was probably why I encountered the error message and I realized what James meant when he mentioned that a route does not exist. Perhaps this is not really a bug but just an unclear error message. :grinning:

Thanks for the promptly response and I will mark one of the messages as a solution.


Spent some time looking at this afternoon. Whatever is going on with PRI trunks and allowlist ver. 16.0.2, I’m unable to repro the issue. It’s not what I first thought it was when I replied above.

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