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I have the commerical epm. I just created a new extension, saved it, then went back and entered a mac for it and the gui crashed. I don’t know how to recover from it.

Clean cookies and cache, browse again to your box. IF the problem occures again, use private browsing or other browser.
If the problems occurs all the time, restart freepbx from cli or reboot your server.

Clearing the cookie PHPSESSID fixes the UI. I can reproduce the problem. If you enter an extension select the brand, template and model, don’t enter a mac. The realize you forgot the mac so go back to the extension and don’t notice that the brand, template and model did not save, enter the mac and submit. Now the UI is hosed. Delete PHPSESSID and you can go back in. If you enter the mac alone, the mac will not save but the UI does not crash either.


Thanks for this. Saved my new production system going online tonight.

Thank you very much for the answer.

In my opinion this is definitely the result of a bug.