Excellent Consulting Support

I have been using FreePBX for close to three years. Some of the issues I have encountered have been the ones you hit your head on the wall until one of you gives up (the wall or your head). I just hit such an issue relating to a system which was gasping for air and every time I fixed one thing another would crop up. Things like, pri failures and locking the trunks, some phones not ringing, registration issues, Sipstation etc. etc.

I decided to spend the $$ and get some help from the Support Services which is displayed all over the place on the site. The tech I got Robert Keller was/is fantastic. A lot of our issues turned out to be networking related and he knew exactly what to do. Some of our issues turned out to be a little bit thornier but he stuck with it until our phone system was operational. It was a huge benefit for me to quickly get to the problem and get the system up and running and taking calls. Thank you Free PBX support and specifically Robert !!!

Thank you very much for your compliment. It means a great deal to me when someone takes the time to post a message like that.

Oh, and thanks for one of the more challenging gigs I have had in a while :slight_smile: Seriously, I really do like a good challenge.

That am I am glad we were able to bring some joy to the situation.