Every inbound call disconnected after 6 seconds


I’m new to asterisk. My asterisk version is I found similar post in this forum, but the recommended solutions did not work for me. I have disabled the SIP ALG in the firewall (FortiGate). Please find the below debug when I make a test call from 0123534328 to 5612 extension (DID: 043761112).

Local IP:
Public IP:
Carrier IP:

Thank you for your time to look into my problem.


I have problem pasting the debug log here. Error message: “I can only mention two users in a post”. Not sure what does it mean.

It appears that this BBS uses the Twirtter convention that an at signs signals a reference to a user name. I presume that your quote includes these in SIP URIs. Whillst I’m not familar with this BBS software, I would try and see if either quote or preformatted blocks inhibit this. Otherwise simply edit the ats out of the file.