Event to trigger the type of DTMF code

I am facing a new need

I have to catch a code typed in handset and trigger an event as soon as you type

I think I need to switch this feature:

Someone know help me?

thanks for the explanation

I feel I understand

Now I try and you finger

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something is wrong…
here is what I did:

in features_applicationmap_custom.conf
playmonkeys => #9,peer,Playback,Conferenza-800
retrieveinfo => #8,peer,Set(ARRAY(CDR(mark),CDR(name))=${ODBC_FOO(${CALLERID(num)})})
pauseMonitor => #1,self/callee,Pausemonitor
unpauseMonitor => #3,self/callee,UnPauseMonitor
"Conferenza-800" This is a current registration in “recording system”

in extensions_custom.conf

I rebooted so: rasterisk -x “core reload”

but in the end phase of the communication codes do not work …

I also tried it with “playmonkeys => #9,peer,Playback,tt-monkeys”

but nothing changes

I do not work but I followed everything to the letter do not understand

Did you reload the dialplan after editing files? At the Asteirsk CLI you can check your edits with:

dialplan show globals
features show

watch now goes but I made a little differently

I do not know if it’s good …



from here I can go on for a macro but I’ll be able to have all the opportunities that I have with “Dynamic Custom Features”?