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I have a FreePBX ‘VoIP Server’. I’m not that knowledgeable about the PBX itself, it was imposed on me by my superiors, so don’t blame me. What I need is an evaluation of the call after completion. Is it possible and how can it be realized?

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You’ll have to be very specific here with what you mean by ‘evaluation’. Call audio quality? Caller satisfaction survey? Automated?

Caller satisfaction survey. All calls come to my IVR and are then forwarded to the ring groups. After the call is completed, it would be desirable to leave a rating of the service, for example from
1 to 5. Of course, the export of these reports would be desirable.

It doesn’t look to me as though there is a newbie way of doing this. I think any approach will require getting technically quite deep. Whilst, in the current political climate I’m reluctant to rely on a Russian site, the only worked solution I can find is (text is in English):

Another way might be to place a local channel round the whole ring group. Note that ring groups are internally based on queues, and you may have to translate your ring group into a more explicit queue, for the above solution.

According to

there is also a commercial module that supports this.

The Dynamic routes module can play a recording, get caller dtmf input and process it. Dynamic Routes Module - Astricon 2021 - FreePBX Documentation - Documentation

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