European 'group' for dialplan (extensions.conf) settings

Is there any interest group / sub community to share/find settings that are specific for European (dialplan) settings?

Don’t think so. Most of the time the special needs have to do with the oddities of the various service providers.

You can effective modify and override the default default dialplan with custom extensions. Look here: Miscellaneous/Custom application/extensions: How to extend FreePBX with custom dialplan (part 1 of 2) | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring

and what is the difference between the GUI Inbound/Outbound routes and the configiration set in extensions.conf?

Basically more flexibility. It is possible to write routes in such a way that they work in most cases, but other cases or wishes might require something else.

You are using FreePBX to handle all these configuration files for you automatically. If you’d like to maintain/modify asterisk configuration files directly manually then you are basically using plain asterisk directly and managing all the things manually that FreePBX would normally handle for you.

As @jgttgns says, you are swapping simplicity of configuration for flexibility in how your call flows are handled.

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