Eth ports on Sangoma UC 40

The UC 40 has four-ethernet ports on the back. Does the UC-40 have the ability to aggregate or bond the ethernet ports together as a LAG for additional throughput on the same IP address?

With a capacity of 30-concurrent calls, how many ports are most connecting and are they all being connected with static-IPs?

If most are utilizing less that 4-ports, are the ports included for future use?

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There would be no reason to LAG the ports together in a PBXact/FreePBX. Each sip session uses about 60Kbps per session. If you calculated that at 30 calls that’s about 1800Kbps or 1.8Mbps. So even if your sip sessions were using a whopping 100Kbps, 30 calls would only equate to 3.0Mbps on your 1000Mbps connection. :slight_smile:

The reason we add 4 is most people want 2 for LAN and WAN and 1 spare. Its cheaper to do 4 ports than 4 with the switch we are using on the MB.

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Thank you for the update. When should we expect to see the new and improved UC 40 with the WAP features added?

No clue what you mean by WAP being added.

My apologies for using acronyms.

As the UC 40 has two antenna ports on the back, it appeared to me that in some future form the UC 40 may also have a wireless access point embedded.

I believe I have also seem a photo that had two antennas on the back of the UC 40.

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