ESXi device passthrough

As I can’t find any post more recent then 2014 I think this is worth a try…

Is it possible to use any known FXO analog telephone card with FreePBX as a VM on ESXI in passthrough mode or any other way?

I have a powerfull XEON server laying arround and I’d like to virtualize my FreePBX box and as I already have the hardware I have no interest in buying an additional ATA to do the FXO to Asterisk job.

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Which is it? If your goal is to avoid a new hardware purchase, state the make and model you have and someone with such experience may reply. If they are using a different virtualization platform, would that be acceptable?

OTOH, if you simply prefer an internal PCI or PCIe card over one with a network interface, state your reasons, as most users would choose the networked solution.

How many analog lines do you have? Allowing for planned growth, etc., how many FXO ports would you like?

With ESXi creating a VM from an ISO file is very easy; you could probably install the FreePBX Distro and test with your card in less than two hours.

You can install dahdi (alone, no asterisk needed) in the underlying OS that hosts the hardware and arrange for the dahdi on the vm to connect to the Dahdi on the host using a TDMoE or duynamic_ethernet span as Dahdi calls it. It is suggested you use a dedicated virtual ethernet for this.

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