Estimated Wait time adn Multiple messages

Hello I am in the process of transitioning from Avaya Aurora platform to free PBX. I’m quite new to the Asterisk setup and have some questions.

I’m having an issue with applying an estimated wait time to my queue logic that will allow me to prompt for a message requesting the user leave a voicemail. Example: prior to hitting the queue I must validate the estimated wait time and give an option for voicemail, voicemail is not chosen I must return to the queue.

I’m also having an issue with applying a second message in the queue logic. Example: the call will come in and he forced announcement is played prior to the call being placed into the queue; once in the queue the user listens to 30 seconds of music and a second announcement is played, then the caller is returned to the queue and the announcements should cycle every 30 seconds.

This is my vector/queue logic logic in the Avaya platform:

01 set AA = V1 CATL none
02 set AB = V1 CATL none
03 set AC = V2 CATL none
04 set AD = V2 CATL none
05 set AE = V3 CATL none
06 set VA = V9 CATL none
07 goto step 30 if holiday in table 14
08 goto step 30 if holiday in table 4
09 goto step 32 if E = 801
10 goto step 27 if staffed-agents in skill 1st < 1
11 goto step 21 if expected-wait for skill 1st pri m > 180
12 wait-time 2 secs hearing silence
13 announcement AA
14 queue-to skill 1st pri m
15 wait-time 30 secs hearing music
16 announcement AB
17 goto step 21 if C = 36
18 goto step 21 if C = 40
19 goto step 27 if staffed-agents in skill 1st < 1
20 goto step 14 if unconditionally
21 # Offer Voicemail
22 collect 1 digits after announcement AC for none
23 goto step 27 if digits = 1
24 goto step 13 if C < 40
25 goto step 14 if unconditionally
27 # Voicemail
28 messaging skill 99 for extension XXXXXXX
29 stop
30 # Holiday
31 disconnect after announcement AE
32 # Emergency
33 disconnect after announcement AD

Has anyone transition from an Avaya platform to an Asterisk platform that has had to deal with this issue.

I have 187 vectors in most of these have a secondary message step/estimated wait time step in their Logic.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

I’m thinking you’re over thinking the problem. It sounds like what you are looking for is what the queues module already does. The queues handle (I believe) every one of your cases without modification:

The only one I’m not sure about is the first message/repeated message part, and you can handle that by routing your incoming calls to an “announcement” and then route the call to the queue. I think the “Join Message” will handle your first message requirement - the “you are caller X” part should handle the “every 30 seconds” part in the “Periodic announcement” section.

Add - the “drop to voicemail” option is handled through an IVR down in the queue setup.