Errors on extension page after updates, estensions do not show

Greetings, I recently updated my dev system. After I did I noticed that when I go to the extensions page they do not show and I get several “error” banners in red on the right hand side. I figured I just hosed something up on the system as I routinely try things with it. So I built a fresh system (updated it) and did a restore of pbx settings. Same issue. So then I did another fresh install and updated it and just tried to add extensions (no restore this time) and I see the issue again.

The extensions are there they just do not show. I can also create them but again they do not show on the page.

It appears a recent update is causing this issue?

This is all built from the official distro. All systems mentioned are v13, x64 and A13.

Thank you

Perhaps you should post a screenshot of the error itself.

Sure thing, here it is. Thanks.

Please post errors from the console log or apache.

Sorry but what might the location of the console log be? There appears to be nothing applicable in the asterisk log or the httpd log that I can see (meaning nothing seems to log there at all after I go to the extensions page and get the errors). Thanks.

Is this the one?


/var/log/asterisk/full is a good choice as well. If you’ve already looked there, try logging into Asterisk from the console and watch the error log as it rolls by there.

Thanks for the reply. I checked and nothing gets logged in either spot. But to me that makes sense since I do not think this is Asterisk related. I think it is more of a FreePBX deal. I am just blown away that it occurs on a fresh install after it is updated.

The “console log” is your browsers log. Normally called the “Console Window”. Those errors are first coming from Javascript.

OK that closed the loop. That makes sense and using a different browser did not invoke the errors. So the errors were encountered in Opera 38. But I did not get them in FireFox 47. Opera recently had a big update so that is most likely the cause. If I can find out what the issue is I will post my fix. Thanks for point out the issue.