Error with vice mail to email

I setup up the voicemail to go to an email address I setup everything but it won’t send out the voicemail ?

Clearly you didn’t setup everything or it would have worked.

You need to supply us detailed information if you want help. We are not mind readers.

in the ext. by Voicemail then - Email Address and I enter the email address

i INSTALLED Freepbx on a dell computer I did read the documentation but its not working

can any one please give me a hand ? I put in the right info

1 - You didn’t tell us what kind of system you installed FreePBX on
2 - Have you gone over the documentation, you have to setup the email first (a working mail exchanger)
3 - If you have configured the mail server have you looked at the logs to see if you have any messages to help you troubleshoot?

What documentation did you read? FreePBX is a web application that controls Asterisk. Are you trying to say you installed the FreePBX distro? If you did it includes postfix? FreePBX and “The FreePBX distro” are two separate projects. Also other people include FreePBX with their distro, we have to know exactly how you installed.

How do you have Postfix setup (as a relay agent or an exchanger)?

i instaled freepbx and installed it on a dell pc

You have said this three times, you need to answer my questions or I can’t help you.

Install FreePBX means nothing, FreePBX can run on a dozen OS’s and many distro’s include it their packaging.

I installed freepbx from no other website.

Please read my entire messages, not just one part.

One more time, did you install FreePBX on an existing system or did you use our distro?

All of this could have been averted if you answered me in the first post and/or posted in the right forum. We have a help forum for the distro.

Assuming you did install the distro, did you follow these instructions:

and these instructions for troubleshooting:

Also check your mail log /var/log/maillog