Error with freepbx and mikrotik

Hello, i have a mikrotik routerboard as WAN, and i have a voip server as LAN, the os of server is sangoma os freepbx and asterisk. i cannot connect to sip from internet but it is reachable from LAN, i configure NAT on mikrotik (dst-nat to server ip and ports), it is not solved, i think it is a freepbx firewall issue,anyone can help me please to solve it? Thank you

Disable the FreePBX Firewall, does the issue go away? If not, you need to show your configs and provide more details on the actual issue.

I disabled the freePBX firewall and restart the server, the server still unreachable

What ports did you forward to the PBX LAN IP? and what makes you think that it’s actually unreachable?

first i remove firewall because i have a mikrotik routerboard, the LAN IP is, i try to ping to the ip, the status is port unreachable, sometimes it is reachable and sometimes no

i think i resolve it, i add this command on my server
iptables -I INPUT -j ACCEPT

So that’s contradicting with your first post where you said you have trouble accessing it through the WAN IP, now you say that you have trouble accessing the LAN IP.

Can you please clarify what issues you are experiencing, and what you already did trying to setup or resolve?

Dear now i fixed the issue about connection, my server now is accessible from LAN and WAN but i have a different problem now, when trying to call a sip extension i got an error Service unavailable 503, how to fix that?

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