Error While installing Fax configuration module

freepbx version: 13.0.1RC1.30
Asterisk Version: 11.19.0
Fax configuration module from:13.0.10 to 13.0.21
While Attempting to update Fax configuration module from GUI I get redirect to an SQL error screen with the following information:

PDOException (23000)
SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry ‘179’ for key ‘user’
$o = $user;
$ma[$res[‘user’]] = $o[‘id’];
$sql = “UPDATE fax_users SET user = ? WHERE user = ?”;
$sth = \FreePBX::Database()->prepare($sql);

$sql = "UPDATE fax_incoming SET destination = ? WHERE destination = ?";

Any Ideas?

You are in a tough situation. Though I will release a fix soon it won’t help you because you are already through the migration process. I suggest you uninstall the module and reinstall it. You’ll have to re-do your fax setup however.