Error when updating Sangoma config from Endpoint extension Mapping

I receive the following error when clicking on Update phone configs for Sangoma under Extension Mapping. Running latest Endpoint Module on Edge Track,

Have you opened a bug report. Seems to be a VPN issue

Hi Tony,

Not yet but will do so asap!

This has been resolved in 13.0.54

Just updated to 13.0.54 and am still receiving the same error. Should I still file a bug report?

I have been running into this problem over the last couple of module updates as well.

It seems to be trying to do something with VPN configurations on phones even when there has been nothing set about VPN configurations.

I have rolled by End Point Manager module back to and it is working perfectly fine.

Edit - Having checked on the latest update for this module (13.0.54) I can say that this error seems to have been fixed now. So it looks like this is not the same problem!

It looks like 13.0.54 fixed the Yealink whoops error but after updating to I am still getting the error for the Sangoma (S500) template. I’ll file a bug report.

Before filing a bug, upgrade to and retest. I believe this bug has been addressed.

Thanks Lorne,

I actually am on and have tested. Still getting the whoops error.

| endpoint | | Enabled

Please try editing the extension first, you don’t need to change anything, just edit and save. Then see if it resolves the issue.

Yes that has resolved the issue :slight_smile: