Error "There was an error matching the calendar: Invalid ICAL data format"

our system show in the logs error messages like this:
[2021-11-15 13:58:21] VERBOSE[4269][C-00000021] res_agi.c: agi://,calendar,goto,bc2fb647-8325-4e77-879d-e4d96f524e5c,default,dHJ1ZXN0YXRl,ZmFsc2VzdGF0ZQ==: There was an error matching the calendar: Invalid ICAL data format
So, the forwarding of calls is not working.

The calender is a remote CalDAV calendar. I clicked “edit settings” on Friday/Saturday regarding the calendar and then clicked “save” (without changing anything), after that it worked. But today we had the problem again.
I believe there is a problem regarding the synchronizsation. Unfortunately, I can’t find any synchronization logs and also no setting to enable saving of synchronization logs. Could you help me regarding this?

Another question, should I ask for things like this in the Asterisk or FreePBX forum? I think this issue is independent of using the FreePBX GUI, but I’ve noticed that it’s not always obvious if something is an Asterisk or a FreePBX issue :smiley:

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Did this ever work before or are you setting this up right now and can’t make it work?

Yes, it was working and it was also working again, after I clicked on “edit settings” and saved (without changing anything).
In the past we used a local calendar, with this we never had issues like that. But after switching to remote calendar, we have this issue.

Actually, I had assumed it would be because the CalDAV server has a limit on the number of sync requests per hour/day (so we get a sync error when the limit is exceeded). But last week I increased the synchronization frequency to try it out and at the moment we have the issue only regarding one calendar. If the issue would be for that reason, more calendars should have this issue now.

In our system, it’s depending of the calendars (by time conditions), to which extension is a call forwarded.

I push this to the top… anyone who has an idea how to solve this issue? Maybe it’s better to ask in the Asterisk mailing list/forum, because it’s more an Asterisk issue?

calendar.agi is part of FreePBX, not part of Asterisk.

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