Error Page / Extension Module / Upgrading from FreePBX 10.13.66 to SNG7


I upgraded distro from 10.13.66 to SNG7.

Everything is working perfectly apart from a major issue. I cannot load the extension page (application menu) anymore. I do see the following error :

Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_ERROR)
Call to undefined function checkastman()
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        $helptext = _('Optional destination the call is routed to when the phone is busy or the call is rejected by the user.');
    $nodest_msg = _('Busy Voicemail if Enabled');
    $currentcomponent->addguielem($section, new gui_drawselects('busy_dest', '1', $busy_dest, _('Busy'), $helptext, false, '', $nodest_msg),5,9,$category);
    $currentcomponent->addguielem($section, new gui_textbox('busy_cid', $busy_cid, '  '._("CID Prefix"), _("Optional CID Prefix to add before sending to this busy destination.")),5,9,$category);

    $helptext = _('Optional destination the call is routed to when the phone is offline, such as a softphone currently off or a phone unplugged.');
    $nodest_msg = _('Unavail Voicemail if Enabled');
    $currentcomponent->addguielem($section, new gui_drawselects('chanunavail_dest', '2', $chanunavail_dest, _('Not Reachable'), $helptext, false, '', $nodest_msg),5,9,$category);
    $currentcomponent->addguielem($section, new gui_textbox('chanunavail_cid', $chanunavail_cid, '  '._("CID Prefix"), _("Optional CID Prefix to add before sending to this not reachable destination.")),5,9,$category);


function core_users_configprocess() {

//create vars from the request

//make sure we can connect to Asterisk Manager
if (!checkAstMan()) {
    return false;

//check if the extension is within range for this user
if (isset($extension) && !checkRange($extension)){
    echo "<script>javascript:alert('". _("Warning! Extension")." ".$extension." "._("is not allowed for your account").".');</script>";
    $GLOBALS['abort'] = true;
} else {
    //if submitting form, update database
    if (!isset($action)) $action = null;
    switch ($action) {
        case "add":
        if (core_users_add($_REQUEST)) {
            // TODO: Check this if it's the same in device and user mode, and in fact we can't support this in that
            //       mode at least without fixing the complexities of adding the devices which gets ugly!
            $this_dest = core_getdest($_REQUEST['extension']);

​-- – –

During the upgrade process everything worked smoothly, apart from the modules download where the script was not able to find modules location based on the xml file (empty xml file).

Thanks in advance for your help.

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