Error "Only deletes recording files, not cdr log" trying to delete Call Monitor recording from Voicemail User Portal

Ever since performing the latest update (to 2.6.0RC2) when trying to delete one or more Call Monitor recordings from the Voicemail User Portal (http://hostname/recordings) I get this error message:

“Only deletes recording files, not cdr log”

This doesn’t appear to be triggering an error in any log files (that I can find). Any additional information that would be helpful in pinpointing this problem, please let me know and I’d be happy to supply it.

It has never deleted CDR logs and if I’m not mistaken, that warning has been in there since the ARI’s inception. Are you seeing it appear where it did not use to?

I’ve never seen that error before. I guess I should clarify that the delete function does not work anymore either. I place a checkmark in the box next to the Call Monitor recording I want to delete, click the Delete button, and get that error message in red at the top, and the recording is still there. It’s worked fine in the past.

If you can’t delete the recording, I would say file a bug and someone will have a closer look to see if something has changed. Please provide as much detail as possible so they can repro. Thanks.