Error in Samgoma Desk top client

The following error has come up. and when I look it up it refers to old links below, that aren’t available on the new system.

Be grateful is some one point in the right direction

The following error(s) were detected*

  • A mandatory rpm package (‘asteriskXX.X-freepbx_asterisk_modules’ - XX.X stands for your asterisk version) is missing. Please visit the Wiki to find the RPM corresponds to your running version of asterisk and install the package and then execute 'asterisk -rx “core restart now” command to load the configuration.
  • Default certificate not available. Please select a default certificate under certman module.

For more information about this issue please see: Sangoma Documentation

Thank’s VAS

There used to be a link to exactly what you needed, but I don’t know how to get to it now, maybe @lgaetz knows?

Admin>Certificate Managment
Pick a default certificate. Note that you need an SSL certificate for the softpphone to work.

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