Error "Extension not found in context ‘from-internal’" Caused by bad trunk name

Hello. I installed a FreePBX system as a replacement for an old asterisk 11 system.
after configuring everything I wanted to give it a test before replacing it with the old system.
Incoming calls worked just fine, but the outgoing calls didn’t. asterisk always threw the following error: Extension not found in context ‘from-internal’
Searched everything online, nothing worked.
After spending a day checking the configurations, I found the culprit. In the trunk name I accidentally wrote “shate;” instead of “shatel” and the character “;” seems to break everything in asterisk.
It would be nice if FreePBX interface would prevent you from entering bad characters.
hope this saves someone’s time!

; is the comment delimiter, which is why it would break Asterisk if FreePBX doesn’t escape it.

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