Error: Declining non-primary audio stream

[2018-10-14 20:21:01] WARNING[12141][C-0000002b]: chan_sip.c:10383 process_sdp: Declining non-primary audio stream: audio 2222 RTP/AVP 9 0 8 18 127

ok, i had one phone working great on my system. so i added two more phones, that are exactly the same, except for the MAC, of course. all Polycom SoundPoint IP650.
first i botched the provisioning, as they all drew from the same provision login, and all tried to set the same.
now i have a different provision account for each phone, and re-setup the config files for each phone.
all three phones have this issue, so i am baffled what to look for.
I can provide whatever info needed, but i don’t even know where to start.
Any ideas?


wow, i feel sheepish now… i was dialing 0 for operator, but i had not setup the operator routing yet…
fixed now. :grinning:


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