Error creating Extensions/RingGroup -

I’m new to asterisk and working to get phones/extensions setup. I would think i can create extensions using whatever 3 or 4 digits I choose, provided they are not in use elsewhere in the system. I’m working to setup 12 sip handsets with sequential extensions but the only numbers the system seems to accept so far are 500-510, leaving me with 5 devices I can’t get assigned. Granted i haven’t tried every option, but i have tried 100, 101, 200, 201, 401-410, 300-310, 600, 702, 800, 801, 900, 901, 511-515, 999, 1000, 1001, 2001, 2001, 4000, 4010 and many more

Seems like no matter what I try to enter I get “Warning! Extension xxx is not allowed for your account”.

Doesn’t seem like it should be this difficult to pick a range of #'s to use for extensions, leading me to think something may be out of whack on this Freepbx 13 build. Where do most start their extensions? Am i correct that any set of #'s not defined should be working?

Not only am i short on extensions I can find to use, now trying to create a RingGroup for the phones I do have setup, I need to assign a Ring-Group Number, which by default lists 600. that doesn’t work either.

Thanks so much for the help,

Check your user settings and extension range in User Manager. I’ll bet you’re limited there.