Error Camp on after new install

I installed FreePBX 2.11.0 in Centos 6.5 following the next guide:

but I get an error, I can not save the config after installing “camp on”


“click here for more info” <–it would be awesome if you clicked that and gave us the information

hi tm100,

exit: 255
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function core_users_list() in /var/www/html/admin/modules/campon/ on line 292


it’s ok,

after Restart Asterisk and install FreePBX.

./start_asterisk start
./install_amp --webroot /var/www/freepbx

no execute this :

  • amportal a ma installall
  • amportal a reload

but just install the module in web browser

But now, i add 2 extension and i config on my softphone (i test with x-lite and zoiper) and i have this :