Error after update to FreePBX 15

I upgraded freepbx to 15 and when it rebooted i get stuck at the Dracut Emergency Shell
See attached pictures.

I have ran blkid and it shows the disks.

System is down hellppppp

Hi there. My guess is that a kernel driver got updated (or failed to update) during the upgrade process and that’s why your volumes aren’t accessible. This is as good a time as any to familiarize yourself with dracut’s purpose in life:

That said, I’d first simply try:
dracut --force

See if that fixes any potential drivers issues from a kernel upgrade by having dracut rebuild initramfs. If that doesn’t work for you, the link above should have the rest of the commands you need to determine the state of your LVM and fix any inactive volumes.

Let us know your results.

When trying the command dracut --force I get command not found

I paid for platinum support and they still have not called me back. I called this this morning and the just pretty much told me to start over. Not what i expected after spending over 1,000 for support

hi jarjar
please reach out to me direct at 920 886 0227 we’ll talk about it

The system is up and functional now. I had to start over but I am not giving up on the the array. I ordered another server to attempt to recover the data.

Only issue I have with the fresh FreePBX Install is that when iI reboot the pbx i have the setup Dahdi back up

So this issue is a known issue ref this

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