Error 603 freePBX cant make outgoing calls

I have done all i think its in every forum and configuration support but still am getting the same error. I can get incoming calls, but cant make outgoing calls. I when i put a password in my out going route it does request me when am making the call from my phone but when i dial it stays silent and call doesnt go but without the password am getting the error 603.

how can i fix this? my route dialing pattens i have tried putting X. as advised that this will allow all calls. Am based in South Africa. Please advise on the dialing pattens and also anything that can help me get rid of this error

Error 603 is a “Declined” error. Call your provider for more information. They should be able to tell you why you’re calls are getting declined.

Thank you for your input… I called my provider and he advised me to change the codecs and now i have got it working.