Error 603 After PBX Firmware update


I am wondering if anybody could help me , Our Freepbx system has been up and running with no problems for months, After noticing
yesterday that the PBX Firmware was showing 5 updates to Version
5.211.65-6 , I decided to apply each update in succession,

Everything seemed to go okay until this morning we noticed we could not dial out , We have 2 SIP lines coming Into the system which are inward trunks we do not dial out on them , and we also have to Normal telephone lines connected through a FXO FXS card

These are incoming and outgoing lines ,The icoming SIP lines work with no problem, But the Normal phone lines dont work neither can you call out , we just get a 603 Message , Can anybody point me in the right direction were to start looking with this

Thank You

Would the quickest resolve been to do a full backup, then reinstall from scratch
or is it likely the backup could of backed up anything faulty , I have a feeling its the Dadhi module but everything looks OK


Would there be anything i need to post on here from the log that might help, is that why nobody as replied yet ?
I suppose i should just reload from scratch


It could be worse, you could have a 604 error.

Did you switch Asterisk versions? 603 means that the other end declined the call.

So you don’t have any communications issues. Usually that message is sent when a CODEC that is not supported for the far end is requested of inappropriate digits are sent.

Hello Skyking OH , I didnt change anything on the system it was working ok until i updated the PBX Firmware version 5 revisions
, when you say inappropriate digits i have this warning message in my log that refers to a ext and says the extension is named
./ ,but i cannot find were this is i only have 6 extensions

I have also seen these warnings

[2014-02-19 19:03:29] WARNING[2220] chan_dahdi.c: Ignoring any changes to ‘signalling’ (on reload) at line 9.
[2014-02-19 19:03:29] WARNING[2220] chan_dahdi.c: Attempt to configure channel 4 with signaling Unknown signalling -1 ignored because it is already configured to be FXO Kewlstart.

[2014-02-19 19:04:34] WARNING[2259] pbx.c: Channel ‘Local/[email protected];2’ sent into invalid extension ‘3’ in context ‘ext-trunk’, but no invalid handler

Dont worry i have sorted it now , seems when i did the upgrades all the dadhi settings were messed up and each channel was disabled , must of been a bug