ErisStation VCS752 EPM provisioning?

I’m wondering if the Conference phone VCS752 can be auto provisioned using EPM. Currently the VCS754 is listed but not this model. They seem very similar and clearly in the same line of products. The 752 only has 2 DECT wireless speakers. But it includes bluetooth that the VCS754 doesn’t which is why I’m interested in it instead.

I actually can’t even find firmware downloads for this model on the vtech website. Perhaps it is a “newer” model? No idea.

Making symbolic links from to VCS754(A)_14AEDB11XXXX.cfg files it generates to VCS752(A)_14AEDB11XXXX.cfg seems to work fine, although I guess I’ll find out in the long term rather than after a few short tests if there’s a missing feature.

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if only

I feel like I opened a ticket for this in EPM but nobody ever responded to it.

@phlobot interested to see how it turns out for you. Can you provide a bit more detail on what you did?

Under /tftpboot/ I made a symbolic link to the two files it generates for the phone using the VCS754 model selected in the endpoint manager

ln -s VCS754_$mac.cfg VCS752_$mac.cfg
ls -s VCS754A_$mac.cfg VCS752A_$mac.cfg

This way updates to the main files it generates will be able to be passed on to the provisioned 752 without any more work.

I did some basic tests and it seems to work fine, I’ll keep my users of it in the loop so I can find out if there are any issues or anything that seems missing.

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Instead of using symbolic links, you should consider using hard links. From a use case, they are identical, but some TFTP implementations get squirrely with symbolic links, especially if they point outside the /tftpboot directory.

point taken haha

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