EPM Yealink T46s+EXP40 issue



i have a problem with the exp40 module. I try to set up the configuration via the template, for phone its working fine (BLF, LINE) but for the exp40 not. After that I used the basefile to program some keys but even these are not used. If I log in directly on the phone and select the expansion, the keys are taken over. Could it be the EPM or am I doing something wrong?



Does the Yealink have an option to export its config file? You may want to compare the working one, vs the EPM one. In most cases, you’ll find EPM config files in /tftpboot. There might be a difference in how EPM has the expansion line keys defined.

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What firmware are you using? There is a known bug with the V84 firmware.




sorry for the delay i deploy the new phones and was a little bit busy.
Yes i am using as firmware. I have to wait for a fix?


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Then that is the issue, you’ll want to open a ticket with Yealink and ask for the firmware, which is the version that has the fix included. Otherwise, you’ll want to downgrade to a firmware prior to V84.

From what Yealink support emailed to me, they have two support branches. One that is published on their website and one that is given out by tech support.




thanks for the information. Actually i can wait because all in Home Office but is good to now.


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What is the bug exactly? What does it do?



If you configure the expansion in the template it is not applied, the expansion remains empty.



Yealink released a new FW and this bug still exist. I’m not sure if this is really a problem with the firmware. Because when I look at the config in the tftpboot folder I see the linekeys correctly assigned by the phone but not by the expansion. I have 2 BLF keys in the template but they do not appear in the config.

expansion_module.1.key.1.type = 
expansion_module.1.key.1.line = 
expansion_module.1.key.1.value = 
expansion_module.1.key.1.label = 
expansion_module.1.key.1.pickup_value = **


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