EPM with DPMA, Is this a bug or a config error?


Freepbx 15
latest modules (except for system admin)

This is a lab system I’m playing with testing out configuring D series phones using EPM with DPMA and VPN. I have a generic system image of a FreePBX Distro 15 system that I load onto a Cloud VM and then modify as needed. It has 10 extensions along with various other setups. Typical small office setup.

While testing getting a phone to configure over VPN something weird is happening. I’m only using one phone so I chose ex 201 to test with. In EPM > Extension Mapping I added that extension and the phone’s mac address.

When the phone boots up it grabs the sip:proxy@publicip:port info from my routers DHCP Option 66 and downloads it’s initial config. Here’s where the weird part happens.

The phone then presents me with a list of all the extensions that are NOT mapped in EPM to add to the phone. If I want to select ex 201 I have to filter the results for “assigned extensions” and then pick it.

If I do that, I get ex 201 settings and the phone reboots and connects via the VPN as it should. However I can also pic any other extension and it will work as well (although not with the VPN).

With EPM I shouldn’t see a list of extensions to pic from, it should see the phone’s MAC and then send the config accordingly no? Or is it because of NAT it’s not seeing the phone’s MAC but the MAC of my router and therefore can’t assign the proper config. Either way, I wouldn’t expect it to present a list of extensions that are not mapped in EPM to the phone.

Is this a bug, a setting or a complete misunderstanding on my part as to how this should work?


Actually, thinking about it, it shouldn’t send any phone extension config initially, just the VPN info and then after the phone re-connects via VPN successfully it should then get it’s extension assignment based on the phone’s MAC no?



I’ve installed a brand new FreePBX15 Distro on a VM with Asterisk 17 from scratch (didn’t use my prior FreePBX 15 image).

Added in two PJSip extensions (in my other system I use Chan_Sip) and set up EPM with DPMA and VPN. This time when the phone boots it acts properly and get’s it’s initial config from the public IP of the PBX and then reboots with the VPN and get’s it’s proper extension config.

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