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When clicking on EPM it takes a long time to come back, what I’m seeing is at that time its referencing something from a katana freepbx server, is this normal?
Why does it need to go to that server if you are managing a local server?


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If you are talking about extension mapping, enabling the IP field can slow it down.


Yes, that does make a difference, but I see the url on the bottom of the browser saying “waiting on katana.freepbx.org” don’t remember full url.


Can you give a better description about what is slow? i.e. are you clicking on something and page is not being shown for a long time?

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i’m having this same issue on one of my PBX instances.
This only occurs when viewing the “extension mapping” page when either “Extension Mapping IP Addresses” or “Extension Mapping Phone Status” is set to Yes in the Global Settings.
But it’s not like I have hundreds of extensions… this PBX only has ten.
When accessing the “extension mapping” page it delays several response times from the FreePBX WebGUI. Also I see that katana…freepbx.org url loading at the bottom of the browser too.

I’m running FreePBX (Asterisk v16.15.1) w/ EPM v15.0.39.37

I’ve run fwconsole chown to make sure it’s not a file permissions thing and that has no effect.


I don’t think you have yet said what ‘slow’ means? For one of my PBX with 500+ phones, looks like takes 19 seconds to list the first page (when using the default 10 per page). Going to next page is fast, presumably as it was downloading the entire list at the time.

Offhand, using the browser developer tools looks like 13-14 seconds to get the actual data, the remaining time seconds is downloading JS and other components. If I revisit the page is slightly faster as has cached the JS files and such but still a few seconds extra from some components.


Realized that pbx was on the east coast, checking against a west coast pbx with 120+ phones:
10.5 seconds to page load, with 6.29 seconds being the actual extension data download. If I refresh, page load time goes down to around 8 seconds.

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Slow is several minutes (load time around 10 minutes or not at all) on a PBXes with between 10 and 15 phones. If I disable IP and Status mapping, the page loads in seconds.
I’ve noticed that I’m only encountering this issue on systems with FreePBX v15 and not v14.
Last reported this back in Feb… on EPM v15.0.39.37 still encountering this on v15.0.39.49.

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That is pretty much why the options exist. If polling the devices is too slow, disable one, the other or both to make the page usable.

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