EPM - URL Calling is Disabled


My polycom 6000 is set up through the EPM, and the polycom has been able to update all firmware, and pull the extension number and correct time and date (which it did not have before) so it is clearly connecting to the system, but the URL calling is disabled.

Since the polycom was set up, I switched the extension number to show name, and the phone picked that up, and I switched it to daylight savings, and the polycom updated the time.

Now I have tried everything I could, but can’t figure out what to do next to get rid of the “URL calling is disabled”.

It is provisioned through trivial ftp (custom), because we rent office space (which comes with internet) so I can’t configure option 66.

Do I need to have them switch something in their router, or is my phone/EPM not configured properly?

Thanks in advance for any help.